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HPRC Irland « Web Designing & Professional E-commerce Web Developers Software companyin India
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HPRC Irland

This is completely static website, made for the HPRC the products are displaying in flash animation.The site basically related to give the information regarding the air bags and its accessories.Ajax is used to make it more attractive of all the pages.The site has a world class design which is designed by us.Flash is also used in this site to make it more attractive.The site has world class design.Overally we can see that its a static page customization having 10-12 pages.

All the page contents are handled by admin.Overally you can say that it is a static site having static pages inside.

The site is designed according to WEB2.0 standard.

  • Name : HPRC Irland
  • Solution : CMS Development
  • Technology : HTML, CSS, Javascript