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Dedicated Server Hosting provider in Bhubaneswar « Web Designing & Professional E-commerce Web Developers Software companyin India
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Dedicated Server Hosting provider in Bhubaneswar

Dedicated Server Hosting provider in Bhubaneswar

Dedicated-Server_1_1 Dedicated Hosting Plans are aimed at enterprise level businesses and advanced users that need their own dedicated server. We currently offer different plans to start with, along with customizable solutions for webmasters with greater needs. We have options for those who are just starting and would like managed solutions or those who need clustering and can handle the maintenance themselves. Choose from Linux or Windows; or for bigger dedicated server needs we have Mega and High-Performance plans. All plans come with priority 24 hour support, so no matter what you require, Modulesoft has you covered.

Switching from a shared web host to a dedicated server hosting provider is not always a step webmasters are willing to take, but it is more often than not a required step in the growth of your website. While you are thinking of making the switch, look over the following 3 advantages to dedicated server hosting, and they should help ease your worries about this large step.

  • Optimal, Enhanced Server Performance.
  • SSH/Shell/Root Access.
  • Customisation.

Optimal, Enhanced Server Performance.
Imagine trying to carry 500 pounds in a box that only holds 10 pounds. Not only are you likely not able to lift this weight but the bottom of the box is likely going to give out from under the enhanced weight. Applying that same logic to the server that hosts your website, imagine the strain on the server when 400 websites are accessed 100x/day. And then think about the relief on that machine when you’re hosting on a dedicated server, where you are the only website there!
SSH/Shell/Root Access.
This can be especially helpful if you need to install applications on your dedicated server or need to access the shell for command prompts, Ruby on Rails programming, or even to run your dedicated machine.
With dedicated server hosting, you do not have to worry about not having enough RAM, bandwidth, disk space, processor speed, or really anything you’d like to add to it. This is your machine, so create it how you need it! The best dedicated hosts like Lunarpages Dedicated Server Hosting will offer to help you get a customized quote going and to set up your server in less than 48 hours, an amazing feat for any web host.

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