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Facts & Figures

Facts & Figures


At Modulesoft Solutions, it’s the ideas that drive professionals. Innovation and Enthusiasm help professionals to create tangible value and at Modulesoft Solutions we encourage our professionals to convert ideas into market value in the true spirit of entrepreneurship.

Customer Delight

As a customer-centric enterprise, we focus on end-product not only what the customer demands but also provide them every support that would help to compete with their competitors. In other words we deliver Business Competitiveness. All these eventually lead to Customer Intimacy in limited time and yield maximum satisfaction.

Corporate Social Responsibility

To realize the Mission and Core Values, Modulesoft Solutions is actively involved in a variety of public service projects in education, environment and public health. The Company contributes substantially to the social causes and organizes various initiatives for social change, primarily in the areas of education, environment and healthcare.

Pursuit of Excellence

We have incorporated within ourselves an attitude of being called as Excellent and we are always trying to implement this in our work tradition. It is not just lip service rather a Process-Driven-Strategy that allows us to benchmark everything against the global-best and then surpass it so that we can create the way for others to walk on. In the process, we are always a couple of steps ahead of our competitors. Modulesoft Solutions adheres to stringent Quality processes that meet and exceed international standards that are continuously monitored.