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About Us

Modulesoft at a Glance

Borders are not enough to restrict people,those who look beyond political boundaries for their business and technological requirements.Modulesoft Solutions erupted out of such ambitious consequences.Modulesoft Solutions was established in 2003 by a group of experienced IT and Marketing professionals.The core objective was to provide IT services to its clients.Till date,we have already served hundreds of clients from almost all countries of the world.Modulesoft Solutions has not opened its door only to offshore clients rather it has some local clients in its elite clientele.

 Modulesoft Solutions offers services including Contract Programming,E-Commerce Solutions,Project Management,Project Outsourcing,System and Network Administration,Database Management,Corporate Training and web promotion.“We always value our clients the most. I’m really thankful to my professionals who really toil hard to accomplish jobs on time. I personally believe employees are the pillars on which a company’s success stands.This is the soul reason behind such a lustrous clientele and growing success of Modulesoft Solutions.”

 As a Complete E-Commerce Solutions provider,Modulesoft Solutions has gained a good reputation of providing quality,cost-effective,cutting edge and on-time service to its clients. Our dynamic and unique way of working out the projects is the secret of our success and delivering the result at the right time.We too realize the importance of infrastructure, because knowledge and efficiency deliver outstanding,if they are backed by good infrastructure.

 Modulesoft Solutions realizes that availing good infrastructure and paying healthy salary are not enough to motive today’s employees.They need something more that these like, a good team to work with, supporting team leader and constant administration support.Modulesoft Solutions always reviews its work ethics to keep intact with the growing and ever dynamic IT Industry.

 Modulesoft Solutions is very practical in its approach and comprehends its strengths.Modulesoft Solution’s mission is to provide the Complete E-Commerce Solutions to its clients and see the client’s business prospering.The company is not established enough to overcome all those corporate odds,yet never get complacent.Modulesoft Solutions’s short history says it success story and this always inspires its professionals to do something innovative and extra-ordinary in the field.