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Reseller Hosting Plans « Web Designing & Professional E-commerce Web Developers Software companyin India
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Reseller Hosting Plans

Low Cost Reseller Hosting in India


High performance hardware, Unlimited bandwidth & full control, no initial setup cost with low monthly rent with 30 days risk free trial. Thats makes us differ from other Providers.

Our Reseller Hosting plans are aimed at  businesses and advanced users who need to launch their own web hosting business or to meet large space requirements. We currently offer different plans to start with, along with customizable solutions for webmasters with greater needs. We have options for those who are just starting and would like managed solutions or those who need a reliable fully managed reseller service with lots of support. Choose from Linux Reseller or Windows Reseller ; or for bigger Reseller Hosting needs we have setup  the service accordingly with lowest cost possible. All plans come with priority 24 hour support, so no matter what you require, Modulesoft has you covered.

Switching from your existing service provider to us  is not always a step webmasters are willing to take, but it is more often than not a required step in the growth of your Reseller business. While you are thinking of making the switch, look over the following Reseller Hosting Plans , and they should help ease your worries about this large step.

The World’s best deal for Reseller Hosting

Windows Reseller Hosting Plan

windows-reseller Windows Hosting on Powerful 64-Bit Dedicated Servers. Guaranteed Fast and Reliable!
Best Servers, Best Support and the Best Value. Only the Best for our Clients. Our reseller windows hosting solutions are extremely popular with web designers, developers and other entrepreneurs who wish to provide their clients a super solid hosting service without huge upfront investments. The entire platform is privately branded which allows you to leverage our revolutionary infrastructure and expertise without anyone knowing you are reselling.
Our Plans

Linux Reseller Hosting Plan

linux-reseller Linux Hosting on Powerful 64-Bit Servers. Guaranteed Fast and Reliable!
Best Servers, Best Support and the Best Value. Only the Best for our Clients. When offering web hosting to your customers, you want to offer them the highest quality hosting with private branding available and security. You want to be sure that you can manage all of the aspects of their hosting accounts.
Our Plans